Dance Engagements & Grand Performances Summer Series present the National Water Dance Movement on April 12th 2014 at California Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles


Dance Engagements is proud to announce it’s official participation in this year’s National Water Dancemovement.  Together with Grand Performances we are truly delighted to present this monumental event at the historic California Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles on April 12th, 2014.  It was a true honor to be selected as the representatives for Southern California by the National Water Dance committee.  This is by far our biggest project yet and Dance Engagements is joining forces with some of Los Angeles’ most talented dancers, performers, artists and organizations to ‘rep So-Cal the right way and deliver nothing but the  best.

What exactly is the National Water Dance, you say?

On April 12th, 2014 it will be a simultaneous environmental performance across the United States which will bring attention to the fragility of our waters and conservation awareness through the talent of students, dancers, performers, and individuals in their arts in education programs.

So come join National Water Dance and Dance Engagements!

National Water Dance creates the opportunity for young artists to experience the power of art & performance as a tool for social change by collaborating on the formation of a nation wide movement choir. The goal  is to initiate a national “water ethic” that can inform and inspire both participants and audience members to take responsibility for conserving, protecting and spreading awareness for the water that they use and enjoy.

But hey! What is a movement choir?!?

A movement choir is a community of people dancing together for a common purpose. First conceived by Rudolf Laban they are often performed outdoors in celebration of the environment.  It is common for  participants to invite the audience to join the dance.

Sounds awesome, but how do you plan on pulling this off?

We will be initiating our movement choir by connecting with each other via the live-stream on the web and sharing movement phrases & gestures. The movements will be the source from which a common dance phrase will be created and one that everyone around the United States will share in their choreographic process.  Neat, huh?

Wow, okay – I’m impressed.  How do I join?!

Dance Engagements Inc. wishes to invite the general public  to celebrate the National Water Dance Movement on April 12, 2014.  The primary location elected for this unprecedented event will be the prestigious California Plaza which  allows free open space and the beautiful presentation of water fountains and architecture. This space will allow us to share a phenomenal message about water ethics and how we can make a change through the art of dance. Dance Engagements is honored to be at forefront of this movement in So-Cal. We’re here to represent the City of Angels and the entire Southern California region.  We have the pleasure of joining forces with some of the areas most respected dance organizations including 3-19 Dance Art and Crenshaw Yoga & Dance.


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