los angeles COMMUNITY outreach and fundraising events

Jamaican Independence Day 2012 - Ford Theatre Los Angeles

Dance Engagements hosts a variety of community events throughout the year, it is our purpose to give, love and share our talents by uniting and providing for the youth and families of Los Angeles – creating everlasting memories.  Dance Engagements appreciates and in turn gives back to and brings together various cultures and arts. We have hosted exclusive community events in Los Angeles such as our Earth Dance Workshop which teaches the importance of loving and nurturing our mother earth through dance and environmental health, motivation and education… Absolutely free of charge to everyone!  As a non-profit organization we enjoy collaborating with other groups and organizations to contribute health awareness, the love of our planet earth and appreciating one another. One of the purposes of hosting a community service event is to engage the youth in outside expertise opportunities while learning and growing as an individual.. It is important to love and protect our earth in order for us to live in a safe and cleaner home.

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