who we are: why we love what we do & do what we love!


Dance Engagements, Inc. is a world-renowned, nonprofit dance company based out of Los Angeles, CA.  The Dance Engagements family believes in modeling and training the “whole” dancer in a hands-on environment, nurturing their needs and encouraging self betterment.  The dance company is composed of artists ranging from student-dancers, world class performers and master-choreographers respected around the globe.  Our elite Los Angeles dance instructors are not only award-winning and extremely talented performers but more importantly they love to teach and promote their passion for the art of dance.

They offer opportunities that are no longer easily at reach due to unfortunate budget cuts in programs not deemed “important” by some.  Dance Engagements not only brings the importance of this issue to light but together with it’s staff of seasoned instructors, they are a perfect example of what the arts can produce and contribute to our world.  Dance Engagements was founded in 2007 by current President, Adel Carrera and Senior Vice President, Smile Garcia.  After dancing and working together for many years on the same dance team, they realized: “Who better then each other to help reach their dreams?”.  Together they created a brand that would reunite friends that shared a common core: Dance.

Nearly the entire staff are alumni of the star making, world-famous Hollywood-High and have moved on to become professionals in various respectable fields  such as Dance, Education, Choreography, The Performing Arts, Kinesiology, Child Development, Chiropractic Care, Business Management, Marketing, Accounting, Production, Film, Fashion, Information Technology and Photography just to name a few. Together they have joined forces to manifest an organic dance company that pays forward all the opportunities they have been given without the desire of financial-gain.  Through one another, Dance Engagements has been spreading the spirit of dance as a family of one for over a decade. They have remained connected and have helped one another continue to grow in several aspects of life. Together they are a force to be reckoned with!

We Love What We Do & We Do What We Love



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